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Consider your presence on the internet!

Same home: Which will the buyer want to see? 

Benefits of Staging

At Sonoma Home Staging and Redesign our goal for every home we stage is to “make it beautiful". Here are just some of the ways a beautifully staged home can benefit you:

  • Beautifully staged homes bring in more offers and sell for a higher price than similar unstaged or empty homes.
  • Beautifully staged homes sell on average 32% faster than similar unstaged homes.
  • Beautifully staged homes make a positive impact on the internet. Online photos often determine whether a buyer wants to go see your home.

  • Beautifully staged homes get more showings. Realtors prefer showing homes that are attractive and appealing to buyers.
  • Beautifully staged homes accentuate your home’s good points and distract from its flaws.
  • Beautifully staged homes can make a buyer feel like they are ‘buying up’ even when they are downsizing.
  • Beautifully staged homes create emotional appeal. Since the decision to buy is often an emotional one, a well staged home can spark that feeling of irresistibility.